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  • In the UK in 2020, only 22.5% of disadvantaged young people were due to start a degree vs 50.4% for the least disadvantaged (UCAS 2020/21 entry data)

  • Women with a degree can increase earnings at age 29 by over 26% (IFS 2018)

  • Four of the five highest earning degrees at age 29 for Women were in STEM subjects (IFS 2018)

  • STEM higher education has lower representation in a number of areas from women. In 2019/20 more women than men studied Medicine but far fewer studied many core STEM subjects(HESA)

  • Women are well represented in Medicine but only 6% of women admitted in 2017 were from the most disadvantaged quintile whereas 52% came from the least disadvantaged quintile (2017 Medical Alliance report)

We believe higher education should be made more accessible to those from a disadvantaged background and STEM is a great foundation.

Women's participation in higher education is good but less so in many STEM subjects which can provide a great foundation for many jobs.

We provide financial support to women from disadvantaged backgrounds to support university tuition fees and some living expenses for STEM degrees.

We are also investing in targeted pre-university support to increase enrolment in STEM degrees.

We are focused on UK students.

Originally established as a Charitable Trust we set up the charity in summer of 2020 to better achieve our goals.

We are building an organisation for the long term that we will grow over time.

The charity is currently run by six trustees who work part time.

Our focus is the UK and we work through partner organisations and not directly with individuals.

You can find further details on us here.