Our Work

How We Make an Impact

University/Higher Education STEM Scholarships

  • We provide Scholarships for selected students to undertake STEM Higher Education.
  • The Charity will pay in full, or in part, the tuition fees for selected eligible women for the period of their STEM undergraduate studies at university.
  • The Charity will also pay a termly living expense allowance, currently set at £1,000 per term to selected students.
  • Candidates for tuition fee support are currently selected in collaboration with EY Foundation STEM and Smart Futures programmes. These programmes target Year 12 students from low-income backgrounds to provide them with transferable skills for their future career choices.
Women in Stem Science

You can learn more about the impact our scholarships are having by reading and hearing about Crystal’s experience with the scholarship.

STEM Outreach in Schools

We have spent time exploring and looking at research that highlights when and what interventions are most effective. There is a good summary and associated resources provided by TASO on their website.

Through this process we have spoken to a number of organisations and academic institutions.

As part of a pilot exercise we have partnered with the British Science Association (BSA) and the Ogden Trust on a programme targeting schools in the North East of England.

The programme is primarily targeted at Year 12 and 13 students and will also deliver some activities for younger children.

The aim of the programme is through hands-on experience of science projects and teaching younger students, to enhance the participant’s understanding and engagement and ultimately their likelihood of enrolling in STEM Higher Education.

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