Promoting Women in Science

Our work


  • We work through partner organisations and do not offer support directly to individuals

  • The charity will pay in full, or part, the tuition fees for selected eligible women in the UK for the period of their STEM undergraduate studies at Newcastle University

  • Candidates for tuition fee support are currently selected in collaboration with EY Foundation Smart Futures programme. This programme targets Year 12 students from low-income backgrounds in order to provide them with transferable skills for their future career choices

  • A number of the current trustees have a connection to Newcastle University and have decided that the initial focus will be on this academic institution

  • In time this focus may be broadened to other academic institutions 


  • We are currently exploring different interventions to determine where to invest effort and resources

  • The intervention is aimed at delivering improved STEM higher education enrollment from target group women

  • Initiatives under evaluation currently include:

    • Exploring the possibility of funding part-time STEM specific Year 11 and 12 career and higher education counselling support in schools/ colleges in the UK

    • Financially supporting STEM specific work experience for Year 11 and 12 students to encourage STEM career choices

University fee support for STEM further education

Pre-University support for encouraging STEM study