Promoting Women in Science

Originally set up as a Charitable Trust we decided to set up Promoting Women in Science (PWIS) as a charity in 2020 in the midst of the Pandemic.  It was founded by Imran Ahmed and Sadia Nujhat, who both graduated from Newcastle University. You can view further details on the England and Wales Charity Commission website here.


There are many good causes that we could have focused on but we felt that the power of education can create such a range of positive outcomes it was a good area to invest in. Imran has also been inspired by his mother who came from a low income background and studied Medicine in Pakistan in the 1950s and helped fund her education by sewing clothes for others. At that time higher education was not very accessible and to women in particular. Sadia has been committed to advancing women in their careers and engaged in a number of mentoring schemes.


Women face a number of disadvantages in society and therefore we felt was a good target group. They are also under-represented in many STEM subjects.  STEM subjects can provide a great base for a range of careers as we can personally testify to. There is also good evidence that a STEM degree can enhance earnings relative to non-STEM subjects.


About us

Imran Ahmed

Imran is a former EY Partner who has worked in Consulting and Insurance. He studied Genetics at Newcastle University. He has volunteered extensively across a range of sectors


Sadia Nujhat

Sadia works in Change Management and graduated from Newcastle University. Sadia has volunteered in the UK and Overseas, with a focus on teaching and mentoring.


Carolyn has a Business Studies degree and a career spanning 33 years in both the public and private sectors. She has a wide range of volunteering experience and is particularly passionate about raising aspirations and educational equality.


Carolyn Fraser

Paul Jones

Pam Duke

Dr Samira Ahmed

Paul is a Chartered Accountant and studied Economics at Newcastle University. Paul has spent 25 years working for STEM businesses and has spent several years volunteering for a number of charities.


Pam is senior leader in local government with a varied career and a qualified finance background. She is a graduate of Newcastle university and is passionate about promoting the opportunity for everyone to have an equal chance to grow and develop. She has trustee experience and is a governor for a local FE college. 


Samira has followed a STEM career pathway and is a Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle. She has experience of working overseas but is now settled in the North East for over two decades. 


Do get in touch if you would like to collaborate or partner with us. We are keen to hear from organisations that support young people, companies and educational institutions to exchange ideas and see if we can support each other’s work. Please note we do not provide direct support to individuals, however a good place to explore resources is


Our Trustees